Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is the voice of our future? our present? Another Obama voter speaks...

The "logic" behind the pundit piece from The Hill (below) is... not just scary, it's non-existent. He certainly doesn't understand what's in the so-called "stimulus" package, so I'm guessing he gets his news in soundbites from the mainstream media at best.

I'm not much older that this writer and in my opinion, this is the voice of someone who 1) thinks the world owes them something 2) thinks the world owes them something and 3) thinks the world revolves around them. Oh, and they also don't understand economics, what's going to happen when the bill comes due, that the money has to come from somewhere, that there are consequences for actions now, that debt compounds, that inflation happens, and, and, and, sputter, sputter.

I can't believe The Hill featured this one!

When Matt Hardigree grows up, if he ever does, he's going to look back on this pundit post and be embarrassed. That is if he doesn't turn into one of those blustering blow-hards who never admits they're wrong. Or if he doesn't get so wrapped up in a liberal cocoon that he never touches reality again.

He'll argue with me now, but believe me, there will be a point in the future when he is living with the consequences of the stimulus vote, and others coming on its heels, and he will wish he had been on the other side - even if he never admits it publicly.

Debt I'm OK With — It's the Bridge Collapse Death Scenario that Makes Me a Bit Uncomfortable
by Matt Hardigree

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called the stimulus package before Congress generational theft. Which is true. But I'm the generation you're stealing from and I'm giving you a pass on this one, OK? It's nice of you, being not of my generation by what we'll charitably call a small margin, to think about me, but we're all totally cool with this. You can have Cindy Google it. This is why I voted for the other guy. Is it really theft if you ask someone to take it from you?

I'm really pleased you considered me, especially since you were so happy to send my friends and family to die in a war you can't explain; you totally de-funded education so I had to work four jobs to get through college without mountains of debt; and you prioritized defense spending over transit so I've got to drive everywhere.

Being merely a quarter-centry old, and given what the actuarial tables say about my chances, I'm just the person in the crosshairs of this debt. I'll likely be paying taxes for the next five decades, which is something you can't say about a lot of the Republican decisionmakers. And with Democratic decisionmakers, you can't be sure they've ever paid taxes at all.

Even more so, the infrastructure built will be the infrastructure I use my entire life. The power grid built will provide the power I use to heat my house and recharge my iPhone. Those jobs will create my wealth and help start the companies I invest my retirement in. And because of that I can say this: I'm OK with the debt. Put it out of your mind. I'd rather inherit the debt than die in a fiery crash because you thought I was too cheap to invest in a few roads. I want bridges that don't fall apart.

More importantly, I want schools for my kids so they aren't cramped in a tiny classroom with 400 other kids. But hey, some moderate Dems and Reps came in and saved us from $16 billion for school construction, $1 billion for Head Start and an additional $40 billion to help states pay for education costs. Apparently, being a "moderate" means not giving a crap about kids.
But hey, I'll still get the middle-class tax cut. I can take my $500 share and get together with a few thousand other people and we'll build a school. Right? That's how it works? Oh, it doesn't? Bummer.

You know what's generational theft? NOT taking some money from us to invest in schools, roads and infrastructure so we'll have the same opportunities and facilities you had as adults. We, the future generation between the ages of 18 and 39, voted for the other guy by a margin of more than 2-to-1. We voted in such high margins we got a black guy from Chicago with a Hebrew first name, Muslim middle name and an inability to bowl elected president. For this.

By depriving us of what we need, and what we clearly asked for, you're stealing from my generation. Stop being a generational thief, John McCain.

Your generation got the space program funded by government investment, countless Pulitzer Prize-winning plays funded by government investment and some pretty sweet interstates funded by government investment. We've got Twilight, buckling highways and Pluto isn't even a planet anymore. You owe us one.



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