Friday, February 20, 2009

Banking Bailout vs Homeowner Bailout

I ranted last night about the newest bailout Mr. Obama is shoving down our throats (can you tell it wasn't a positive rant?). Rick Santelli's comments has started a taxpayer rally that is spreading like wildfire and I am on the bandwagon!

Someone left a comment on my post asking where I was when the government wanted to bailout the banks.

I was right here, same place. I was calling my elected officials telling the NO, NO, NO.

I have no idea where Rick Santelli was or what he thought about it.

I know that when all of this first started most of us were stunned. I don't know about you guys, but I didn't see the magnitude. My way of handling it would never have been to throw money at the problem.

Our government knew the problem started with housing, yet they chose to throw money at banks first? TARP is and was a fiasco. I will say however, that I do not agree with putting caps on salaries. I think it's fine to give the money and say that it can ONLY be used to give out loans to businesses and individuals, but I am NOT for nationalizing our banks.

Many point fingers at President Bush. Yep, he was right in there with Congress saying we have to do something. But you know what? They split the money and left it up to the Obama administration to decide whether to hand out the rest.

They did, and they mortgaged our kids future to add even more money that doesn't exist to the pile.

Then they heaped even more on with this irresponsible reward program for people who shouldn't be in the houses they're losing in the first place.

They are busily growing government at a clip that should scare the average person.

Rick Santelli's unscripted, from-the-heart rant has given ALL of us a voice. We've been out here yelling and screaming, writing and complaining. We've been calling our elected officials. We've been trying but no one has been listening. They're ignoring us.

The housing bailout for deadbeats (and yes, some who lost jobs and tried honestly and valiantly) may just be the straw that broke the camels back. The last crack in the dam.

I hope that video is on every blog in America by the end of the day. I hope everyone who's been frustrated with what's been going on stands up and yells loud and clear.

There is no difference between this bailout, the trillion dollar spending bill or TARP. They are ALL wrong.

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