Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama Heading to Massachussetts: Pro Troop PAC Says "Dems are desperate"

Move America Forward Freedom PAC Chief Strategist, Sal Russo, said “deploying President Obama to Massachusetts on Sunday just two days before the election shows just how desperate Democrats have become over the surging poll numbers from Republican Scott Brown. “

MAF Freedom PAC, a political action committee organized to support candidates who stand behind U.S. military troops and their missions in the war on terror, was encouraged to learn that President Barack Obama will be traveling to Massachusetts on Sunday to garner support for Martha Coakley – confirming her vulnerability to losing in this blue state.

“But while Obama is a very good campaigner, I don’t think he can overcome the anti-military and national security views of Martha Coakley. In fact I think his presence will only encourage a record turnout from pro-troop supporters and citizens who are concerned about Coakley’s support for full constitutional rights for terrorists in American civilian courts.

While Scott Brown and Martha Coakley differ on many issues, the Pro-Troop MAF PAC has been hitting Coakley hard on her national security standpoints.

“We chose to endorse Scott Brown because he is an officer in the National Guard who understands serving our country honorably and because he takes a ‘tough on terror’ stand unlike the far-left Coakley. Brown, like the people of Massachusetts, favors military commissions rather than civilian trials and opposes constitutional rights for terrorists. He agrees that it is simply ridiculous that American troops are forced to Miranda rights to some enemy combatants on the battlefield. Martha Coakley wants to close GITMO and bring terrorists to the United States where they can spread their venomous ideas through our prison system.“ Russo added.

The Pro-Troop PAC has contributed the maximum amount to the Scott Brown for U.S. Senate campaign as well as sponsoring online advertising as an independent expenditure for the campaign. The advertising touts Scott Brown’s national security credentials over Coakley and points out Coakley’s support for constitutional rights be given to enemy combatants and terrorists.