Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Must reads on card-check, Obama agenda and more

Obama Unbridled
The President has only begun to expand the government.

Holman W. Jenkins Jr.: Obama Needs a 'Not To Do' List
The global economic crisis is exposing the president's preoccupations as the soppy indulgences they always were.

Blue Dogs seek Senate cover on card-check By Kevin Bogardus
Democratic leaders in the House and Senate may have the upper chamber strike first on a controversial labor bill, which would protect conservative Blue Dog Democrats from a tough vote. READ MORE

Michelle Malkin: Those Foreclosure "Victims" Deserve No Sympathy It shouldn't be long before ACORN recruits "Octomom" Nadya Suleman to serve as the radical left-wing group's foreclosure poster child.

Thomas Sowell: "Not One of Us" If Barack Obama has been the most remarkable phenomenon of the recent political scene, Sarah Palin must be second.

And, from Real Clear Politics (

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