Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stop the Stimulus: Info from NetRight Nation

We need to take immediate action on the Stimulus bill. The bill will most likely be voted on in the House later this afternoon. I have put together a list of all the information that has been posted on NetRight Nation about the stimulus bill. We need to alert everyone we can over the next few hours to see this bills defeat! Let's get blogging on this!

Call Your Congressman Now: Click here for a full list of phone numbers for Representative district offices. Tell them that you want them to "Vote NO on the Stimulus".

A 40 Year Wish List: This story ran in today's edition of the Wall Street Journal. This story shows just what type of "pork" projects are inside of the stimulus package.

Congress Must STOP the 'Stimulus': The $825 billion economic “stimulus” plan now being proposed by President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats could well result in a federal deficit in excess of $2 trillion for 2009. Which means that it is now up to Senate and House Republicans to make certain that the American people are not consigned to a future of permanent serfdom to foreign creditors.

Putting the Pig Before the Bacon: President Barack Obama may be serious about banning pork in the new “stimulus” bill. And, perhaps, no individual members of Congress will insert “pet projects” (i.e. earmarks) into the legislation that is ultimately passed by Congress and presented for his signature.

200 Economists Against the Stimulus: A list of over 200 economists that are against the stimulus package.

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