Sunday, January 04, 2009

"Eye for an Eye" or "Turn the Other Cheek"?

I have to admit, I'm conflicted at times. My general nature is easy-going, help others whenever possible, love your neighbor and hug a liberal if they get nasty.

However, I struggle at times. Some stuff just gets my blood boiling and I struggle with whether it's better to turn the other cheek or poke 'em in the eye.

I got wind earlier of a "conspiracy" if you will by over 90 libs to infiltrate Team Sarah. For those who aren't familiar with Team Sarah, it's a huge and growing group of Sarah Palin supporters. The libs were going to post racist comments and bigoted remarks as though they were Sarah Palin supporters on the site in an effort to discredit Team Sarah.

Despicable tactics, below the belt, nasty, and childish.

Obviously the efforts by Team Sarah and other Sarah Palin supporting groups are getting on the nerves of the lib element.

It's easy to want to stoop to their level and get in the gutter. It's tempting to hit the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, and other lib groups in a similar manner in retaliations. Eye for an eye, take that ye scurvy dogs... However, then I'd be just like them, wouldn't I?

How these groups and individuals manage to justify pure ugliness as "good" is beyond my comprehension, but I guess they feel they're on the side of right so it's OK to kill and maim. Ya know, they can justify doing all those things they SAY conservatives are doing. Mind boggling.

While I may be tempted by the "eye for an eye" model, I just can't go there. Nor can I follow the "turn the other cheek" model.

I believe the oft-quoted sentiment that if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything. I believe I have to stand up for my beliefs, however I don't think it's necessary to toss principals out the door in order to do so. I don't believe in bowing down to evil or giving in to corrupt tactics.

I believe one way to combat the corruption that has entered into the hearts of many liberals (and yes, some conservatives) is to shine the proverbial light and expose the actions.

I'm expecting many attacks on conservative values in the future. Rather than using logic or facts, we're going to see the continued twisting of information to make it conform to a belief system. We're going to see more and more people justifying their actions by the perceived end.

It's going to be so important to keep our core principles intact and to learn to ferret out the distortions. It's going to be oh so important to be vigilant and fight the good fight. Yes, fight. I don't mean fight in the gutter with those who are attacking, but we must fight. We must "out" those on both sides of the political spectrum who don't live and act on true conservative values. We have to do our homework, we have to get involved.

I firmly believe we are in the fight for everything good and true. If we don't engage, if we don't clear our mind of the clutter being thrown at us by the mainstream media we will lose this all important battle.

I think we can do it without turning the other cheek, and we can do it without blinding and maiming. I believe right will ultimately win. We just have to make sure we have enough soldiers willing to engage.

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