Friday, September 18, 2009

Government -run healthcare?

Social Security Sent More than $40 Million in Checks to Dead People, Inspector General Finds( – The Social Security Administration has issued benefit checks totaling $40.3 million to an estimated 6,100 beneficiaries for months – and in some cases for decades -- after receiving notification of their deaths, according to a June audit report from the agency’s Office of Inspector General. Approximately 1,760 of the 6,100 listed as deceased actually were dead, the government auditor estimated. The rest were alive, but had been wrongly listed as deceased.


Gives me goosebumps. Just think, these are the same people that could be deciding whether you or someone you love needs to have a test for cancer... or whether you are young enough to be worth the spending money on for a hip replacement or chemo or whatever... Let's hope they don't have some sort of pay up front and get reimbursed system if we do get stuck with government run healthcare.

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