Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hate Crimes Legislation

Sue Ella Deadwyler's WMVV Radio Commentary, 3/26/07

The camel's getting his nose under the tent. I don't like the camel's nose and I don't like the tent. In the early '70's pro-homosexual activists stormed the American Psychiatric Association conference and demanded removal of homosexuality from the list of deviant behaviors. The few psychiatrists and psychologists that voted YES that day cast aside centuries of medical, cultural and health standards to accommodate those demands. No doubt, the APA didn't know that crowd won't stop until homosexuality is the norm for everybody.
When the APA agreed to those demands, no one mentioned that several more sexual deviations would be added, but it has happened. Soon the term homosexual was divided into lesbian and gay to distinguish between males and females. When bisexual was added, it wasn't long before they wanted special rights for transsexual, queer (their word, not mine), allies and intersex. An urban dictionary says intersex is an umbrella term for a number of congenital abnormalities of intimate organs. Now, that crowd is known as LGBTQAI, for short.
Lest you wonder what this has to do with legislation, let me explain. S.B. 211 is the latest version of a hate crime bill that homosexual supporters have worked to pass in Georgia for several years. They've tried to add sexual orientation to the list of protected civil rights and have failed every time, but this year's bill is even more bizarre than the others. Not only does it, specifically, demand that sexual orientation become a protected status, Senator Fort agreed to amend his bill by adding "gender identity" as another civil rights category.
Again, the dictionary comes in handy. Gender identity refers to anyone who's trying to be a member of the opposite sex or someone who's undergone surgery to become a member of the opposite sex. Now, let's explore what'll happen if a bill like this passes and a boy decides he's a transvestite. Under this, he could masquerade as a girl and be a girl sometime and a boy sometime. If he wanted to go to the girls' bathroom, he'd use his girly clothes, but for the football team, he could wear his manly duds.
Consider this. The chairman of Georgia Equality's political board explained why they'll be working 'way behind the scenes to get this passed. She wants to "let it go through as quickly as possible as a crime-fighting and terrorism bill,"... and "We certainly don't want to give legislators a reason to vote against the bill because they find out it gives gay rights."
There you have it from the horse's mouth. S.B. 211 is not a hate crime bill. It's a gay rights bill. It protects those who refuse to live within the law that applies to us all. If sexual orientation and gender identity are protected under Georgia law, soon legislators will be asked to expand the list to include LGBTQAI and all other variations they concoct. Call Senator Balfour at 404-656-0095 and ask him to quietly keep S.B. 211 in his committee because it heaps confusion on top of confusion! The more we give, the further they push. Pardon my English, but it's gettin' worser and worser!

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